The Vicious Skinny Shake Cycle – How I Broke Free

The Vicious Skinny Shake Cycle

skinny shake

Skinny shake for breakfast, something bland and natural that tasted too healthy for lunch, skinny shake for dinner.

Eat and repeat.

I felt like I was always hungry, and eating was never fun for me.

And even after all of this sacrifice, I still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted on the scale or in the mirror.

It was all so very frustrating. I felt like I would be spending the rest of my life dreading mealtime and still adding on the pounds. This was no way to live.

So I would end up chunking the skinny shake diet, and binge eat on junk food until I just couldn’t take feeling unhealthy and so out of shape any more.

The vicious skinny shake cycle would start again. And again. New brand, same result. Which meant NO results.

And then I found a skinny shake I actually liked.

It tasted good (and I mean GOOD – not just a step above drinkable chalk!). I was full afterwards.

I actually started seeing results!

I stopped using “skinny shake” as a swear word.

Its name is “IdealShape,” and I have a new BFF.

Is IdealShape Just Another Skinny Shake?

I know it really sounds like IdealShape is just another one of a million skinny shakes out there. And, truthfully, it is.

However, this one is different because it belongs to the IdealShape family. This means that it’s more than just a skinny shake.

It’s a part of a healthy life that’s about as far away from starving yourself as you could imagine.
And that’s something I can appreciate!

What Makes IdealShape Stand Out?

There are a few qualities of this skinny shake that put it head and shoulders above the competition. And believe me, I’ve tried most of them.

The Taste…

I have a weird texture issue. I can’t stand the feeling of drinking anything that resembles chalk (on second thought, I’m sure this doesn’t make me weird!). I also don’t like weak tasting flavors, or clumps floating in my drink.

IdealShape is the ONLY skinny shake I’ve tried that blends well, doesn’t taste chalky, and has a great flavor. I actually ENJOY drinking these.

Low Sugar…

I also love that IdealShape’s skinny shake was formulated with a very low glycemic index. While I don’t struggle with sugar issues, I have many friends who do. And this doesn’t make their numbers spike. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that was put into creating a sugar-conscious formula.

Real food…

My favorite part of IdealShape might be that you can eat REAL food too! They recommend five small meals a day, with two of these being a skinny shake or one of the IdealShape meal replacement bars.

I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing with these skinny shakes – just adding quality and health to my life. The support I get from the IdealShape is just icing on the cake.

What I Didn’t Love About IdealShape

I’ll be honest here – there are a couple of things that I didn’t like about this skinny shake. According to the Ideal Shape shake reviews, a few people agreed with me too. It is set up to be the only meal replacement shake you’ll drink.

So, a little variety might be nice. Don’t get me wrong here – the chocolate and vanilla are both AMAZING- I just want something a little different every now and then.

It also seems a little pricey to continue to buy these skinny shakes each month. I hate watching my money slip out of my pocket.

After belly-aching about this for a bit, I did some math. While it seems like a big chunk of change initially, when I bought 3 months of shakes at a time, it works out to being $1.44 a shake. I challenge you to find a meal for $1.44 that is not only delicious, but healthy and helps you towards your fitness goals.

Yeah, I didn’t think so. The dollar menu just can’t compare here.

Plus, aren’t you worth the investment? I finally decided I was!

And, before I forget, one of the best things about IdealShape is their 30 day guarantee. They basically give you thirty free days to see if it’s for you. And if not, you’ve lost nothing.

If it is, you’re thirty days on your way to losing those pesky pounds, and gaining a healthy life.

Should You Give IdealShape a Try?

This seems like a silly question to me. But, I’ll ask anyways, because you need to truthfully answer for yourself.

Are you tired of being unhealthy? Don’t you deserve to stop feeling like crap? Are you ready to transform your life for the better?

I challenge you to think long and hard about these questions.

Now that you’re thinking – head over to the IdealShape page to learn more about the best skinny shake I’ve found.