Are IdealShape Reviews Lying – Or is it True?

idealshape reviews

I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet for new meal replacement shakes that just might make the cut. Believe me, it’s EXHAUSTING.

Especially to find out that nothing I could find would work. I get really frustrated when I’m hungry (also known as hangry), so this was going downhill fast.

I kept stumbling across IdealShape reviews in my research, but I didn’t know anyone who had tried them before.

I dismissed them as just a passing fad, and didn’t give the IdealShape reviews much thought.

I kept searching, and I kept finding them. Finally, my curiosity got the better of me.

I clicked to learn more.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed. The IdealShape reviews sounded like a bunch of hyped up claims to get me to buy a product I would hate and wouldn’t work.

Plain and simple, with no personal connection to the product, they just seemed too good to be true.

But then I discovered that IdealShape had a 30 day guarantee. SCORE! I could give this product a try with NO worries or guilt over money lost, and return it when it didn’t work like all the others.

Why don’t ALL meal replacement shakes have a 30 day guarantee?!!

After my meal replacement shakes arrived, however, I realized that the IdealShape reviews weren’t lying.

And I understood why IdealShape is one of the only companies to provide a 30 day guarantee- you won’t need it!!

What the IdealShape Reviews Say

As I read IdealShape reviews one after another, I kept seeing the same things over and over.

“It tastes SO great!” “I’m honestly not hungry anymore until it’s time to eat again!”

“It’s the best skinny shake I’ve tried!”

My inner skeptic called bull.

There’s no way so many people could all be so over the moon about one product.

It was time to put the IdealShape reviews to my own personal test.

I ordered my IdealShape for the month with low expectations, banking on their 30 day guarantee to keep me from losing money.

I thought the first day must have been a fluke. I was exceptionally hungry – that must have been why the shake tasted so good.

But as the days past, and I found myself looking forward to my skinny shake each day, I knew that the IdealShape reviews were right on the money.

This stuff IS good.

Does IdealShape work? You betcha.

What’s in IdealShape?

While a great taste and texture are of the utmost importance to me when it comes to a skinny shake, it’s also important that the things I put into my body aren’t harmful to me.

I spent a while going over the ingredients list for IdealShape, and I’m happy to report that I like what I see.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Not many of the IdealShape reviews I found spent much time on the ingredients, so I did some research for you.

From the IdealShape website, here are the top unique IdealShape ingredients (not including Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Soy Protein Isolate, since you will find those in most skinny shakes!):

  • Slendesta

    I’m convinced this magic ingredient is why IdealShape works so well. It’s an all natural potato extract that has been proven to drop weight and inches. It’s power lies in making sure you feel full after consuming it. There have been NO negative side affects reported when using this product as directed.

  • Oat & Barley Beta Fiber

    Fiber serves two huge purposes in weight loss. It makes you feel fuller, longer – so you don’t consume as many calories. It also moves fat through the digestive track faster – which means it has less time to stick around. I’m good with both. These also moderate glucose absorption, which means your sugary cravings will decrease.

  • Bromelain & Papain

    These two come from pineapple and papya respectively, and assist your body in digesting all the good protein this skinny shake sends your way. They also have many other health benefits, not related to weight loss, so it’s even got an extra natural bonus!

How Do You Use IdealShape?

Now that we’ve determined that IdealShape is actually GOOD for us, it’s important to know how to work it into your everyday life.

IdealShape isn’t meant to take the place of all your meals. Your body needs real food.

And you get it eat A LOT of real food in conjunction with IdealShape!

For a healthy lifestyle, they recommend eating 5 small meals a day, with two of these meals being replaced with IdealShape products.

And from the IdealShape reviews I’ve read, this works.

Real food + a tasty skinny shake = results! Who would have thought it was possible?

On the fence about all the IdealShape reviews? Check it out for yourself, and see if IdealShape could be right for you.

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